Our Story


Hand-crafted with high-quality materials and careful attention to details, our wide selection of outdoor structures is second to none. From spacious storage sheds, stylish outdoor studios, cozy dwelling units, pergolas, playsets and more, we make backyards of any size more functional and stylish. With better outdoor living as our main mission, we are constantly innovating in both design and operation to give customers no less than the best for their outdoor spaces. Not only that, but our commitment to best-in-class customer service means that every step of the process is as easy and worry-free as possible. 


We’ve provided customers with nearly 4 million sheds and playsets over the past 45 years and are proud to be one of Americas top outdoor manufacturers.

Utilizing a state of the art location in the beautiful downtown area of Ann Arbor, MI., our corporate offices allow each department to work together to create innovation and industry leading practices. Not only that, but with our modern 200,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant just a step away in Monroe, we easily create over 110,000 shed and play set kits every year. These get sent to branches all over the nation for installation and work in conjunction with our plants in Canton GA, Boulder CO, and Waxahachie TX. They all are equipped with passionate customer service teams that offer unbeatable assistance. 

Pictured Above: Backyard Products headquarters in Ann Arbor, MI.